Since the beginning of Izzie's Pond, we have taken in hundreds of animals every year and growing.  Wild animals are rehabbed then released back into the wild.  Domestic animals are rehabbed then adopted out to approved homes.
We also participate in events to help educate the public on the plight of the animals we rescue and to promote coexistence with wildlife.  We believe that education helps reduce the number of animals in need and increases the quality of life of domestic animals.

Our Mission

The mission of Izzie's Pond is to provide rescue, rehabilitation and refuge for sick, injured, or orphaned waterfowl, wildlife, and farm animals and to increase public awareness and appreciation for animals.

Who knew that 4 little pet ducks would change our lives forever?  When we moved into this house, we had no idea the kind of life we would build here.  Izzie's Pond, aptly named because our 3 year old daughter Izzie claims everything, is now home and refuge to ducks, geese, swans, chickens, goats, turkeys, a tortoise, snakes, rabbits, a fostered cow, and our dog, RJ.  Through our volunteer work with WRG, we realized there is a need for a domestic duck rescue and adoption program in our local area.  That need prompted us to start our own domestic waterfowl rescue here in Simpsonville, SC.   For the love of the animals, we are doing our small part to share our blessings in this place we love to call "Izzie's Pond".

Izzie's Pond

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